Fighting Style

Prologue from the Official Site
Zafina was born into a family of evil vanquishers with a bloodline dating back to ancient times. With exceptional spiritual powers exhibited from a young age, she was raised as a warrior assigned to protect the royal family's grave. When that grave was attacked by a heavily-armed group from another country, Zafina dispelled the perpetrators single-handedly. In response to her successful defense, the family elder appointed her as the clan's sole assassin.

In her public life, Zafina used her spiritual powers as an astrologist. Evil omens started appearing in all of the fortunes she divined, and her uneasiness mounted, leading her to the elder for guidance. The elder revealed to her an ancient lore passed on to only a select few. According to legend, when two ominous stars come into contact, the magic seal that the family had protected for centuries would be broken and the world would end.

Upon hearing this revelation, Zafina set off to a land in the Far East, where the evil stars were expected to meet. It is her goal to stop them before the cataclysmic events can be set into motion.

Ending (Unofficial Synopsis)
After Zafina defeated Azazel, she emerges from the temple and encounters an old man, who is presumbly her guru. Neither say anything, as they both just nod their heads and go their own ways. The old man leaves the area, and Zafina returns to the temple, with the gates closing behind her. Afterwards, the whole site of the temple collapses. It is unknown of what happened to Zafina.

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